The Philosophy

The Suisen or daffodil is a sign of spring and the centre’s emblem.
This is the place for some me-time to refocus and feel refreshed.

The Suisen centre is fuelled by a holistic vision of wellness and provides a special experience especially for you;
time out in our lives that sometimes leave us little time to breathe.

Shiatsu is key to the centre’s treatments that have been carefully designed to adapt the manual healing
to our current needs and modern lifestyles.
This age-old tradition creates a wellness experience with countless benefits for your physical and mental health.

The Suisen centre has selected an exclusive range of green tea from Japan to enjoy after your treatment and take home with you to make your wellness experience last longer.
Suisen teas come direct from organic producers and provide a variety of sensory properties and health benefits.

Suisen doesn’t just offer massages; it offers an all-round wellness experience. As soon as you step over the threshold you enter a bubble in which each and every detail is designed so you can completely unwind.

This is precious me-time; an experience that inspires meditation.

Suisen Center

Nestled in the heart of the Marais a stone’s throw from the Picasso Museum, what first strikes you about the Suisen centre is its traditional Japanese burnt wood front.

The centre brings you an immersive experience in the warm atmosphere of a traditional Japanese inn known as a “ryokan.”

All the artisan materials here have been carefully selected in Japan: bamboo floor, fragrant cedar screen, straw ceiling and washi wallpaper.

“Omotenashi,” Japanese hospitality, reigns supreme. You are guided on an all-round sensory experience that will whisk you away to another world. The carefully designed décor, soothing music, subtle incense, deep and relaxing massage and Japanese green tea will bring your senses to life.

The centre exudes respect and love for nature and takes pride in exclusively using natural and organic products.
Everything here is organic from the aromatic oils used for treatments to the Suisen green tea.


The Suisen centre has spent years researching and fine-tuning its exclusive treatments based on shiatsu. All the treatments cover the entire body and aim to harmonise vital energies. They use manual and traditional expertise intended to make you feel good and benefit your health.

Deep breathing plays a key role in the centre’s approach and it may be guided to help you release tension and achieve total relaxation.

Every treatment is tailored to meet your needs and requirements and to suit the season. It is followed by time to yourself to meditate and enjoy a cup of organic green tea provided by the centre.

All treatments are provided in an individual or couple’s treatment room.

和 Wa, harmony

Traditional Shiatsu

You will wear a traditional loose-fitting Japanese garment called a “jinbei” on a tatami and futon for this treatment. Your entire body will experience rhythmic pressure, percussion, stretching and massage.

This traditional massage balances your energies whilst stimulating your circulation and immune system. It brings you deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Your harmonised and energised body will regain strength in keeping with the season.

寂 Jaku, peace

Shiatsu with aromatic oil

This is a full body massage using aromatic oil on massage table and is designed to ease tension using pressure and targeted techniques. All the oils are organic and first cold pressed.

The treatment uses touch and smell to provide deep relaxation and relieve all muscle tension.

清Sei, pure

Rejuvenating facial treatment

This facial massage blends wellness and beauty using a range of massage and pressure techniques on the body’s energy windows known as “tsubos.” It focuses on the face, neck, décolleté, arms and hands but also covers the entire body for total relaxation.

The treatment tones skin, smooths texture, erases signs of tiredness and fine lines. Your perfectly relaxed face will look fresh, radiant and firm.

敬 Kei, respect

Body toning

This treatment uses the “tawashi” plant-fibre sponge to brush the lower half of the body to stimulate microcirculation and smooth skin texture. It is followed by an aromatic oil massage blending a range of massage, kneading, pinching and smoothing techniques.

The treatment leaves you feeling weightless. It detoxifies tissue, firms up the lower of half of your body, smooths lumps and harmonises the silhouette.

All our beauty treatments include a tasting of our Japanese organic green teas.

All massages

1H : 105 euros
2H : 180 euros
DUO : 190 euros
Fidelity 5 treatments : 450 euros
Fidelity 10 treatments : 800 euros

Gift voucher available
from Maison Suisen or by post

Suisen Tea

Japanese green tea

Tea was initially used as medicine but is now the most popular drink in the world. It is steeped in tradition and every culture has its own rituals when making it.

Among the many varieties of tea, green tea is the least processed and is still mainly artisan-made. Originally from India then harvested in China, the best green tea is now made in Japan and has become integral to the Japanese way of life.

Its efficiency in preventing diseases such as cancer needs no introduction. Green tea can be seen as a form of medication as it boosts the immune system and is rich in anti-cancerous polyphenols.

Aside from its health benefits, Japanese green tea also nurtures the soul as it is traditionally drunk in peace and quiet and gives you a break from the outside world.

Suisen tea

Organic Suisen tea is carefully selected from a Japanese producer based in Kakegawa near Mount Fuji. Its strong yet gentle flavour comes from the prime geographical setting paired with traditional ground work and a lengthy drying technique.

At Suisen, tea drinking is set apart from the traditional ceremony. This is about taking time out for yourself in peace and quiet with a cup of green tea. The experience lends itself to meditation and inspires patience and humility with the simple and everyday process of making tea.

The four virtues of tea, harmony, respect, serenity and purity, radiate from every tasting and seep into our everyday lives.


Thirst-quenching green tea with energy-boosting vitamin C.
Its slight sharpness comes from the rich tannins and its salty notes make it Japan’s favourite tea.

50g 27€



Green tea with the plant aroma you expect of Japanese tea paired with a roasted flavour and notes of toasted rice and popcorn.
The harmonious flavours make it ideal for after a meal.

50g 14€



Toasted green tea with a beautiful amber infusion and woody notes.
The tea is very light and gentle on the stomach due to its low caffeine making it ideal for the end of the day.

30g 10€



Refreshing green tea blending leaves and stalks with a light fragrance.
It has a low theine content but its energy-boosting flavour makes it a wonderful drink to wake up to.

50g 15€



Deep green tea rich in caffeine and theanine containing an amino acid with relaxing properties.
This exceptional tea is brewed in warm water to lock in its goodness and enhance its umami flavour.

30g 24€



Stone-ground powdered green tea.
Traditionally used for tea ceremonies and whisked to form a delicate mousse, it is drunk with a sweet garnish to complement its invigorating plant flavour.

25g 22€

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