Symbol of spring, the Suisen or yellow narcissus is the emblem of the house.
It invites you to take time for yourself, to refocus and to access a true renewal.

Carried by a holistic vision of well-being, the Suisen house proposes a privileged moment with oneself,
a parenthesis in our lives that sometimes leave us too little time to breathe.

Shiatsu is at the heart of the house's treatment protocols, carefully designed to adapt this true manual medicine to our current needs and modern lifestyles. This thousand-year-old tradition combines a moment of well-being with numerous physical and psychological health benefits.

In order to prolong this moment for oneself, Suisen has selected a range of exclusive green teas in Japan, to be enjoyed after a treatment and to take home. Directly from organic producers, Suisen teas offer a variety of taste qualities and health benefits.

Beyond a massage, Suisen offers a total wellness experience. Once you step through the door, you enter a bubble where every detail is designed to allow you total relaxation.
It is a precious time for yourself, a moment close to meditation.

The Suisen House

In the heart of the Marais and in the immediate vicinity of the Picasso museum
the Suisen house is distinguished by its traditional Japanese facade in burnt wood.

The main purpose of the house is to offer you a total immersion in the warm atmosphere of a ryokan, traditional Japanese inn. Bamboo floor, carved cedar wall, straw ceiling, wall covered with washi paper: all the materials used are handmade and have been carefully selected in Japan.

Here omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, is the watchword. You are guided in a global sensory experience that will plunge you into an exotic universe. Carefully designed decor, soft music, discreet incense, deep and relaxing massage, Japanese green tea tasting: all your senses are solicited.

Imbued with respect and love for nature, the house makes a point of choosing only natural and organic materials and products.
Everything here is organic, from the aromatic oils used for the treatments to the Suisen green teas.

Our Care

Suisen offers you exclusive treatments inspired by shiatsu, which are the result of many years of research and development. All these treatments treat the body in its entirety and aim to harmonize vital energies. They are based on a traditional manual know-how, intended to provide you with well-being and health benefits.

Deep breathing plays a key role in the protocols of the house, sometimes guided to allow you to release tension and achieve total relaxation.

Each treatment is personalized according to your needs and desires of the moment, and adapted to the season. It is followed by a moment for yourself, conducive to meditation, over a cup of one of the organic green teas offered by the house.

All treatments are offered in solo or duo cabins.

和 Wa, harmony

Traditional Shiatsu

This treatment takes place on tatami and futon, dressed in a Jinbei outfit, a large traditional Japanese garment.
You will receive rhythmic pressure, percussion, stretching and effleurage on the whole body.

This traditional massage balances your energies, stimulates your circulation and your immune system.
It allows you a deep physical, psychic and emotional relaxation. Harmonized and energized, the body finds its unity, in accordance with the season.

寂 Jaku, tranquility

Shiatsu with aromatic oil

It is a full body massage with aromatic oil, on a massage table, designed to release your tension points through pressure and targeted techniques.
All the oils used are organic and of first cold pressure.

Through touch and smell, this treatment brings you deep relaxation and soothes all your muscular tensions.

清Sei, pure

Youthful face care

Combining well-being and beauty, this facial massage is composed of different kneading techniques and pressure on the tsubos, energy windows of the body. It focuses on the face, neck, neckline, arms and hands, but also takes into account the entire body for a global relaxation.

This treatment tones the skin, refines its texture and erases signs of fatigue and expression lines.
Perfectly relaxed, your face regains freshness, luminosity and firmness.

敬 Kei, respect

Firming of the silhouette

Focused on the lower body, brushing with the tawashi, a sponge made of vegetable fibers, activates microcirculation and refines the skin texture. It is followed by a massage with aromatic oil, combining different techniques of kneading, palpating-rolling, pinching and smoothing.

This treatment provides an intense sensation of lightness.
It detoxifies the tissues, firms the lower body, smoothes out dimples and harmonizes the figure.

福Fuku, happiness

Belly wellness

This treatment focuses on the solar plexus and hara region. During a head and neck massage, the belly is relaxed by the benevolent warmth of a natural seed cushion. A shiatsu of the belly is then performed, where gentle pressure, effleurage and vibrations are accompanied by deep and relaxing abdominal breathing.

Center of the intuitive life, the belly is the place where can sometimes lodge stress,
toxins and negative emotions. This treatment allows you to free yourself from these inconveniences
while restoring the energy flow in the whole body.

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All our massages
1H : 140 euros
2H : 260 euros
DUO 1H: 260 euros
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All our treatments are accompanied by a tasting of our organic Japanese green teas.


Suisen Tea

Japanese green tea

Originally used as a medicinal treatment, tea is now the most popular drink in the world. Rooted in tradition, it is made and prepared according to rituals specific to each culture.

Among the different varieties of tea, green tea is the one that undergoes the least transformation and, even today, its production remains largely artisanal. Originally from India and then cultivated in China, the best green teas are now made in Japan and have become an essential part of the Japanese soul.

Their effectiveness in the prevention of diseases, especially cancers, is no longer to be proven. Beneficial for the immune system and rich in polyphenols, anti-cancer molecules, green tea can be considered as a real medicine.

Beyond its benefits for the body, Japanese green tea also takes care of the mind since it is traditionally drunk in the greatest calm and invites to abstain from the outside world.

Suisen teas

Suisen organic teas are carefully selected from a Japanese producer located in Kakegawa, near Mount Fuji. This privileged geographical location, combined with a traditional land work and a long steaming technique, allows us to obtain a tea with a powerful yet mild taste.

At Suisen, tea tasting is deliberately different from the traditional ceremony. It is rather a simple moment for oneself, calm and spiritual, around a cup of green tea. It is a meditative moment that reminds us of patience and humility through the simple, daily gestures of tea preparation.

The four virtues of tea, harmony, respect, serenity and purity, are born from this tasting and then radiate in our everyday life.


Green tea very thirst-quenching and revitalizing thanks to its vitamin C.
Its slight astringency due to the richness of the tannins and its iodine notes make it the most popular tea in Japan.

50g 27€


Green tea with a vegetal note typical of Japanese teas,
combined with a roasted flavor with the presence of roasted rice and popcorn.
It is the ideal tea to enjoy after a meal thanks to the harmony of its combined flavors.

50g 14€


Roasted green tea, with its beautiful amber infusion and woody notes.
It is a very light tea, gentle on the stomach thanks to its low caffeine content, ideal for the end of the day.

30g 10€


Refreshing green tea combining leaves and twigs, with a light fragrance.
It contains little theine but its flavor is energizing, which makes it a very pleasant tea to enjoy in the morning.

50g 15€


Green tea of shade, very rich in caffeine and theanine, an amino acid with relaxing properties.
This exceptional tea is brewed with lukewarm water to preserve all its qualities and develop its umami taste.

30g 24€


Green tea powder, stone-ground.
Traditionally used for the tea ceremony, it is beaten to a delicate froth. It is served with a sweet that complements its tonic and vegetal flavor.

25g 22€

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